Well Rehabilitation

Hidden Valley Pump Systems has specialized in water well rehabilitation since its founding

Plugged screens and perforations can create excessive drawdown and loss of production which will inevitably result in unnecessary damage or premature failure of your pumping equipment. Our process has been refined to allow quick identification of any potential inefficiencies and problems in your well with a video log and once the issues have been discussed and individualized protocol is set in place to resolve them as swiftly as possible.

Well Rehabilitation Services:

  • Nylon Screen Brushing
  • HercChemTech ®
  • Well Bailing - (Debris Removal)
  • Dual Swab Air Lifting
  • Air Jetting
  • Liquid Acid Decaling
  • Redevelopment Pump Testing
  • Well Production Test Pump
  • Sonar Jet ®
  • Chlorine Shock Treatment
  • Packer Installation
  • Water Well Swage
  • New Liner Installation & Gravel Pack
Click here for a before and after cleaning video

Cleaning Brush