Pump & Control Systems

Hidden Valley Pump Systems designs and engineers its own water well, booster, engineered skid mounted, tail water recovery, automated blending and electrical control systems

Our ultimate goal is to attain the highest efficiency for each specific application while utilizing the newest technology available to keep energy costs to a minimum during system operation. Each system is will be designed to meet your specific needs. During the design phase a qualified engineer will discuss all available options with you and take into consideration future service and accessibility of the site.

The installation of each system begins with the assembly of the pumping equipment by our certified tradesman and machinist with over 100 years of combined experience in the water industry. No job is ever too small or large; we maintain pump boom derricks from 6 TON to 50 TON allowing us to service any size installation. Our full service machine shop gives us the ability to expedite all repair services even when parts have been discontinued or are hard to find. We will disassemble and inspect where applicable and provide a top quality system rebuild and reassembly to avoid expensive equipment replacement.

We understand the necessity and importance of water and it is our goal to provide same day service for emergency repairs required by all customers.

Available Services:

  • Residential Water Wells & Boosters
  • Agricultural Pumps
  • Municipal Pump Stations & Water Wells
  • Industrial Pump Systems
  • Fire Pumps
  • Commercial Skid Mounted Booster Packages
  • Tailwater Recovery Systems
  • Automated Blending Systems
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Controls System: PLC's, HMI's, & VFD's (Variable Frequency Drives)
  • Water Lubricated Turbines
  • Oil Lubricated Turbines
  • Gear Drives
  • Motor Repair and Rewind
  • Inflatable Water Well Packer Installation & Removal
  • Mechanical Seal Conversion *Hidden Valley custom designs and fabricates each seal gland job specific from raw casting
  • Pump Rentals
  • Storage Tank Installation
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